Update on Volunteers

Joanna Biedermann has retired her position as leader of the Social Committee. 2023 was a very busy year for that committee, and the group did an amazing job. Joanna will stay on as an advisor and a member of the team while Carol Martenson and Cindy Elder will jointly lead the committee this next year. Thanks to Joanna for a job well done, and to Cindy and Carol for their willingness to volunteer.

Jolene Stavropolus-Kuhn has turned responsibility for the Setup Team over to Mary Safranek, who graciously volunteered to lead the team. On the advice of that team, and our experience while roving during construction, setup has been simplified. The step sheet box has been reduced to an orange plastic accordion file. If you’d like a copy of a step sheet, and can’t find one, please let any member of the board know, and we’ll see that the supply is replenished. Notices that were posted in plastic stands are now pages in the rose-colored notebook on the setup table. The photo album is being scanned so that it will eventually be on the website. If you’re interested in volunteering for setup team, please let Mary know.

In addition to the Social Committee and Setup Team, the Leader team, Dance Selection Team, Music Committee, Workshop Team, and Website Teams have also undergone changes. Check them all out by going to our website (gvrlinedancers.org), selecting the member page, and looking at our Volunteer Directory.

Volunteers are what keep this club going strong and provide the structure that makes our club so much fun. If you’d like to volunteer, please let us know. The volunteer directory is in the rose colored notebook and also on the website, but feel free to just chat with any team or committee leader or board member about a group you may be able to volunteer with.

-Lois Kristjanson, President

-LA Ashburn, Vice President

-Kathy Kennedy, Secretary

-Linda Carle, Treasurer