May Club Dance

Our dance for May is “Un Poquito” choreographed by Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski. The music is “Un Poquito” by Diego Torres & Carlos Vives. Janet will teach the improver level dance (32 ct – 4 wall) during club dance sessions on May 6 & 7 (Monday & Tuesday, respectively). The workshop on Friday (May 10) will also have a teach on the dance. A step sheet can be printed from the link below or found at the website under Current Dances. Please join us for this fun dance. Be sure to check out the demo & teach before the Club teach.
Step Sheet for Un Poquito
Demo & Teach of Un Poquito

“The Ghost of You” will retire on May 1. As the Club adds a new dance the oldest dance is retired (this keeps the Club dance list at 52 dances). A list of dances from most recent to oldest is found on the website under Members – Current Dances.